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Doyle Digital Readout Knife Angle Gauge

Description: This tool consists of two precision machinists levels. One machinist level is fixed at 0 degrees and the second machinist level is at 0 degrees when the micrometer is set to read 0.100. By having one level fixed at 0 degrees, it allows the user to have a set 0 degree reference point to easily check the swing level portion of the instrument for calibration. It is held against the face of the knife with magnets.

The easy-to-read digital micrometer divides a degree into 40 equal parts.


Benefits: This versatile tool provides a quick, easy-to-understand and accurate measurement of knife angle. There is no need to split lines of a bevel protractor or spirit level bubble.

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DT-1040 Doyle Digital Readout Knife Angle Gauge