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Doyle Rotary Clipper Knife Gauge

Description:  This tool consists of a dial indicator and an aluminum fixture equipped with two (2) hardened dowels that fit into the holes on the end of the rotary clipper knife.

Usage:  The indicator foot will rest against the edge of the knife, measuring the distance from the bolt hole edge to the cutting edge. The bolt holes define where the knife center line is. By measuring all four corners of the knife, it is possible to check the quality of the knife grind. This tool is also used to set the knife on the grinder bed and adjust for a proper grind.

Benefits:A properly ground clipper knife (to Durandsís Specs) will increase roll cover life. It will also provide a cleaner clip due to correct center line alignment of the knife. The tool can also be used to check centerline alignment, taper and wedge on knives.

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