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Doyle Electronic Digital Knife Angle Gauge

Description: This tool is comprised of an Electronic Digital Protractor mounted in an aluminum fixture that is machined to sit on the knife tip, spindles, latheways, pitch rails, grinder bed, etc. It is held against the face of the knife with magnets.

The protractor consists of a rugged electronic inclinometer sensor, microprocessor, and liquid crystal display mounted in a high impact composite frame. The electronics allow .01 degree accuracy within 10 degrees and .10 degree accuracy from 10 degrees to 90 degrees. The protractor also has an RS-232 compatible digital output which will interface with computers, data loggers and printers.

Benefits: This versatile tool provides a quick, easy-to-understand and accurate measurement of knife angle, pitch rail slope, spindle level and lathe-ways. There is no need to split lines of a bevel protractor, spirit level bubble, or refer to a conversion chart. An added feature is the use of the optional “Alternative Reference Level”.

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