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Doyle Electronic Digital Protractor with Clinometer

Description:  The protractor systems are extremely adaptable and economical angle measurement devices. A system consists of a compact gravity-referenced Clinometer connected to an associated liquid crystal display (LCD) readout. The Clinometer is a precision measurement sensor that provides wide angular range with excellent linearity. Its small size and rugged construction make it adaptable even in the most difficult installations. The readout unit contains a standard nine-volt battery which provides power for the system electronics and LCD. Clinoimeter angular position is displayed digitally to within .01 or .1 degree. The readout may be remotely mounted up to 20 feet from the Clinometer making the system ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Benefits:With the current practices of grinding knives, test studies show that the accuracy of an average knife grinding, varies between .20 to.50 of a degree per knife grinding set-up. This means that more metal is being removed than necessary, which is lost dollars. In addition, these inconsistencies in lathe knife angles also causes the lead at your lathe to change from one knife change to the other. With an Electronic Digital Protractor system these problems are eliminated, because this system is accurate to .10 of a degree.

Example: Based on an 8 ft. lathe running two shifts, a 21 day month, and changing knives twice per shift…

Knife width: 7.5 inches
Knife discarded at: 4 inches
Amt of knife used: 3.5 inches
Price per knife: $175

3.5 inches x 32nd of an inch = 112/32nd
$175 x 2 knifes = $350 per set
$350 divided by 112/32=$3.136 per 32nd
$3.13 x 4 knife changes per day=$12.52
$12.52 per day x 21 days = $262.92 SAVED

Savings does not include hog, chipper, clipper or planer knives.

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DT-2030 Electronic Digital Protractor with Clinometer